Liana Merck
Molecular Biology Research

Where in the world is Liana?

Hello! Are you interested in how microbes differ across borders? Do you want to see how human behavior affects microbial diversity? Or maybe you’re looking for tips on researching abroad.

Follow me, Liana, a Watson fellow and recent graduate from The California Institute of Technology, as I journey across the globe exploring the wonderful world of microbial and human cultures.

Over the next eight months, I’ll be visiting farms and labs in eight different countries, collecting and sequencing microbes from yogurt and other fermented foods. Along the way, I’ll also be exploring local cultures and customs and sharing my experience of traveling and working abroad. My goal is to make exciting scientific discoveries and inspire you to do the same.

I will be posting regular updates below using #Lianasjourney.

Could you be my next host?
I'm always looking for new collaborations, so if you're interested in hosting me in your lab, just send me an email.
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