Sequencing and Genomic Analysis of Single Cells — a New Solution

Next-generation sequencing and genomics using single cells is of high interest within the scientific community. Analysis of individual cells provides a significant amount of differential information, which is obscured in the complex mixture of genetic information analyzed using a cell-mean analysis. However, single cell analysis presents many challenges due to genetic heterogenity and to the methodology that is used.

This webinar will introduce a new approach to single-cell analysis — the REPLI-g Single Cell Kit, and will include:
  • Applications and challenges in single-cell research 
  • The principle of unbiased amplification from a single cell using multiple displacement amplification technology
  • Supporting data for human and bacterial single cells demonstrating a new whole genome amplification solution 

Applications of single-cell research include analysis of cancer cell heterozygosity, whole genome sequencing of bacteria, and complete genomic analysis of human cells.

Dr. Ulla Deutsch

Ulla Deutsch
Dr. Ulla Deutsch has more than 13 years professional experience in Marketing in the life science, molecular diagnostics, and pharmaceutical areas. Before joining QIAGEN, she obtainend her Ph.D. at the University of Cologne with focus on cancer research and oncogenes. Dr. Deutsch gained additional, broader molecular biology expertise at GE (formerly Amersham) as a key account representative for pharma companies. In 1999, she joined QIAGEN to work in Global Product Management, and is currently Associate Director Business Amplification covering PCR, WGA, and genotyping solutions.