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GeneRead Databank

For automated archiving of GeneReader run data
  • Manages data storage for the GeneReader workstation
  • Ensures there is always enough available disc space for the GeneReader to operate
  • Makes stored data searchable and accessible via Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Allows you to configure your own policies for data storage and clean-up
GeneRead Databank is designed to streamline the operation of your GeneReader NGS System. By managing the movement of run data between the GeneReader workstation, the central file storage of the QCI Powerstation and file archives, you can be sure that there is always adequate disc space to operate your GeneReader instrument, while keeping all run data available for future reference.
GeneRead Databank is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Please note: The GeneReader NGS System is currently only available with proprietary new sequencing chemistry in the US. Legacy sequencing chemistry is only available ex-US.