QIAGEN Employer Branding
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There is more to QIAGEN, of course, than facts and figures, markets and customers, products and production. Team enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit are a strong part of our corporate culture and identity. In a congenial environment like ours, the exchange of ideas can take place anywhere – not just during a team meeting, for example – but at lunch, over a coffee, or even waiting for the elevator. Surrounded by inspired and like-minded colleagues, inspiration could strike anytime.

Dr. Thomas Schweins, Vice President of Human Resources, explains the unique culture at QIAGEN like this:
“The wonderful thing about QIAGEN is the nice working environment, surrounded as we are by collegial, congenial and like-minded colleagues. The culture here is scientific rather than political.There’s a commitment to honesty and openness. Our achievements are fact based, not just a lot of talk, and we have a high level of respect and integrity for each other.”