GeneRead Link Software

For automated data transfer between the GeneReader NGS System and LIMS


  • Automated transfer of data from LIMS to the GeneReader NGS System and of results back to LIMS
  • Reduced time and effort for checking results
  • Traceability of all sample-related data
  • Proven performance with the GeneReader NGS System
GeneRead Link Software, Standard Implementation

Cat. No. / ID: 9025028

Standard package for the GeneReader NGS System, including GeneRead Link software license, assessment of laboratory infrastructure, alignment with LIMS provider for implementation of GeneRead Link interface in LIMS, on-site installation, configuration, post-installation testing, and user training
GeneRead Link is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please note: The GeneReader NGS System is currently only available with proprietary new sequencing chemistry in the US. Legacy sequencing chemistry is only available ex-US.

Product Details

GeneRead Link is a middleware solution that provides a complete chain of custody for your samples in the GeneReader NGS System workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis. It provides a searchable archive of all relevant data from the GeneReader NGS System including FASTQ files, variant calling files (VCF), instrument reports, result files and user notes. GeneRead Link automates data transfer between the GeneReader NGS System including the GeneRead QIAcube, GeneReader, QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) bioinformatics platform and LIMS improving the efficiency and productivity of your laboratory workflow.


Laboratory workflows may include many steps which are often performed on different instruments. If data flow between the instruments as well as to and from the LIMS is not fully integrated, data has to be manually transferred which is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.

The powerful GeneRead Link Software, automates data transfer between the GeneReader NGS System and LIMS to enable an efficient automated workflow, from sample to result.

GeneRead Link enables:
  • Connection to any LIMS via a tandardized HL7 interface
  • Tracking of pending workflow step orders
  • Full control of sample position in the workflow
  • Complete traceability of process data
  • Reduced manual interaction for data handling
  • Archiving of all instrument result files and reports of the connected instruments
  • Easy searching of archived data
  • Control of the workflow based on the result status and QC scores
  • Re-test of samples with invalid run results or low QC scores


Increased flexibility with connection to any LIMS

GeneRead Link Software facilitates a bi-directional connection between LIMS and the GeneReader NGS System. Automated result export reduces the time and effort required for checking results and helps to eliminate human error. This interface can be easily implemented by your LIMS provider using the specifications provided by QIAGEN.
GeneRead Link Middleware realizes the workflow management for both automated and manual workflow steps and facilitates the GeneReader NGS System workflow. It integrates with instrument or bioinformatics pipelines by connecting to the software, providing the information to start an instrument run or an analysis and by collecting and processing the results. GeneRead Link shows all sample information throughout the workflow in a single report.

Automated data handling

GeneRead Link facilitates data management between the instruments and software of the GeneReader NGS System by providing preconfigured instrument interfaces and thereby reducing the manual interaction for data handling. It integrates with instruments and bioinformatics pipelines by connecting to the software, providing the information to start an instrument run or an analysis and by collecting and processing the results.

Traceability of process data

GeneRead Link shows all sample information throughout the workflow in a single, consolidated process report to support the chain of custody. It provides information on kits and instruments used, QS scores and QC results obtained, deviations that may have occurred throughout the workflow and the overall status of the sample.

Tracking of pending test orders and samples waiting to be processed

GeneRead Link displays an overview of all pending workflow step orders and all samples waiting for the next process step within the GeneReader NGS System workflow, helping you to keep track of the work in your laboratory.

Improved usability

GeneRead Links guides the user through the workflow, giving a general overview of the NGS workflow and highlighting the current workflow step. Furthermore, it provides work instructions and workflow step-specific instrument loading instructions to the user and supports the user by calculating volumes and dilution factors.

Fast startup with full installation service

QIAGEN analyzes your lab infrastructure and works closely together with your LIMS provider to ensure seamless integration of GeneRead Link Software into your laboratory workflow. GeneRead Link Software is installed at your site by a highly qualified QIAGEN Field Service Specialist who will configure the software and extensively test it. Your lab personnel will be fully trained on operation of the integrated system.


GeneRead Link enables automated data transfer from GeneReader NGS System to LIMS for QIAGEN GeneRead QIAact gene panels