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Find the right products for every step of your experiment effortlessly.

Discover a better way to find what you need, when you need it 

Find what you need fast 

Why spend time shopping around for products when you could be making your next big discovery? With the WFC you can find all the products for any molecular biology experiment in one place. All you need to do is choose your area of interest and tell us a bit about your experimental design. In seconds, the WFC sorts through hundreds of products and matches the right ones for each step of your experiment. Once you’re done, simply purchase your selected products directly, or request a quote or demo from your sales rep. It really is that easy! 

Plan for great results

Great discoveries don’t often happen by chance. They take careful planning and optimization. With the WFC you can create and securely store an unlimited number of workflows and access them anytime. This makes it easy for you to plan, test ideas and optimize in advance or on the go. The step-by-step workflow also takes you from sample collection to data interpretation, so you don't skip any important details.

Your research is as unique as you

The best bit about research is that you're often testing new theories or doing something no one has done before. This means that you need flexible workflows that you can adapted to whatever makes sense for you. The WFC gives you the option to view alternative products and integrate with the products and instruments you already use so you can easily customize it to match your ever-changing needs.

"I had the honor of testing the QIAGEN workflow configurator before the launch. It’s very intuitive, so it will help you plan your experiments using your time and financial resources. It’s also very flexible, making it suitable for both students who are just starting their scientific journey and for advanced researchers. I recommend you play with it and explore!"
Geraldine Brizard, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Perth, Australia
"It allows you to design your experimental workflow with all the products you might need and use that design as a template."
Kathryn Polkoff, North Carolina State University
Team, working together, collaboration
Work together to get ahead 

Science is global and collaborative. That’s why we designed the WFC to let you share your workflows quickly and easily wherever you are. Simply share a link to your workflow with your colleagues and they’ll be able to view it instantly. You can also swap notes and ideas to drive your research forward faster.

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