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24-Well Blocks RB

For growing, harvesting, and lysing bacterial protein expression cultures

96-Well Microplates FB

For use with the 96-Well Magnet Type A

96-Well Microplates MP

For use with the BioSprint 96

2 ml Tube Holder Set
For the homogenization in 2 ml bead tubes on the 96 Well Plate Shaker
5 ml Tube Centrifuge Blocks
For easy centrifugation of 5 ml bead tubes in standard 96 well centrifuge buckets
5 ml Tube Adapter Set
For sample homogenization using 5 ml bead tubes on a TissueLyzer II
RT2 Strips

For use with RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays

    • Accessories for RT2 Profiler PCR Array products
    • Additional cap strips to seal PCR array plates
RT2 PCR Array Loading Reservoir

For loading PCR arrays with up to 5 ml sample

    • Accessories for RT2 Profiler PCR Array products
    • Reservoir for up to 5 ml sample
Round-Well Blocks

For use in 96-well purification procedures

Filter-Tips, M48

For use with the BioRobot M48

Flat-Bottom Blocks

For growing, harvesting, and lysing bacterial cultures prior to plasmid purification

Small Spin Columns

For use with the Oligotex system

Sample Prep Plates
Disposable polypropylene plates for sample preparation

For collecting wash and lysis fractions from 96-well plates

Disposable Filter-Tips, 1100 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Filter-Tips, 300 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Troughs

For PAXgene 96 procedures on the BioRobot MDx workstation

Disposable Tips, 300 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Disposable Filter-Tips
For use with the BioRobot Universal System
Disposable Tips, 1100 µl
For efficient and cross-contamination-free pipetting
Collection Tubes

For collection of fractions during spin-column procedures

Collection Microtubes

For collection of fractions during spin column procedures

Collection Microtube Caps

For capping collection microtubes and round-well blocks

Caps for Elution Microtubes
Caps for Elution Microtubes
RT2 Calibration Plates
For calibration of real-time PCR instruments
Extension Tubes
For use with QIAGEN spin columns on vacuum manifolds
Elution Microtubes CL

For use with 96-well plates, including QIAamp 96 plates and RNeasy 96 plates

Tape Pads

Adhesive tape sheets for sealing multiwell plates and blocks

AirPore Tape Sheets
Microporous tape sheets for covering 96-well plates, square-well or flat-bottom blocks
Polypropylene Columns

For gravity-flow chromatography with Ni-NTA Agarose or Ni-NTA Superflow

PowerBead Tubes
For the rapid and reliable lysis of biological samples from a wide variety of ...
    • Optimized for the PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer
    • Compatible with all bead beating instruments
    • Ready-to-use for easy, hands-free sample homogenization
    • Certified DNase- and RNase-free for isolation of high-quality nucleic acids   

For holding QIAGEN-tips, allowing convenient wash buffer drainage and elution

For simple and rapid homogenization of cell and tissue lysates
    • Replaces syringe-and-needle homogenization
    • Reduces loss of sample material
    • Eliminates cross-contamination between samples
    • Filters out insoluble debris and reduces viscosity