Automated High-Throughput NGS Library Quality Control

In this webinar Mirjana Kozulic will describe how you can increase the success of your NGS experiments by implementing quality control checks at several steps in your workflow. With a more comprehensive understanding of your sample quality and composition, you can make informed decisions regarding usage of samples in downstream processes.

Mirjana will introduce the QIAxpert System, a novel nucleic acid quantification and QC device that allows fast and easy analysis of up to 16 samples in less than 2 minutes. QIAxpert can selectively quantify DNA or RNA in a sample, subtracting absorbing impurities or background turbidity. Mirjana will also discuss using the QIAxcel Advanced automated capillary electrophoresis system in NGS library preparation. QIAxcel Advanced offers high performance with respect to speed, size range, resolution, and ease-of-use, improving the reliability and accuracy of NGS library preparation.

Mirjana Kozulic, M.Sc., Global Market Development, QIAGEN

Mirjana Kozulic joined QIAGEN in 2010 as a Global Market Development Manager. She initiates and drives market- and customer-related development projects to enhance the use of the QIAxcel Advanced system in various application areas. Mirjana holds a master’s degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Before joining QIAGEN, she also worked at the Institute of Biotechnology at ETH Zürich and Elchrom Scientific AG, where she was active in different areas including R&D, production, and marketing and later took on the role of VP sales international.