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Rotor-Disc OTV Kit

For easy, routine verification of thermal accuracy for the Rotor-Gene Q
  • Highly accurate, cost-effective temperature verification
  • Easy and rapid procedure

The Rotor-Disc OTV Kit enables optical temperature verification of Rotor-Gene Q real-time cyclers. Temperature verification using the kit requires a Rotor-Disc 72 Rotor and Locking Ring or a Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit.

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Cat No./ID: 981400
Rotor-Disc OTV Kit
Kit for optical temperature verification of Rotor-Gene systems, includes a Rotor-Disc 72 preloaded with thermochromatic liquid crystals, fluorescent inserts, CD with calibration files; requires Rotor-Disc 72 Rotor and Locking Ring or Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit

The Rotor-Disc OTV Kit is an accessory for use with the Rotor-Gene thermal cyclers.

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Laboratories may want to routinely verify thermal accuracy of real-time cyclers. For most cyclers, this requires interaction with a service engineer. With the Rotor-Gene Q, this is not necessary. Instead, the easy-to-use, cost-effective Rotor-Disc OTV (Optical Temperature Verification) Kit automates accuracy testing.


The kit includes a specialized Rotor-Disc filled with temperature-sensitive liquid crystals, fluorescent inserts, and a CD containing the files needed for running the temperature verification. Setup is quick and simple, and the entire temperature verification process is complete in about 40 minutes.


The Rotor-Disc OTV Kit is used to verify temperature accuracy of the Rotor-Gene Q.

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For verification of thermal accuracy of Rotor-Gene real-time cyclers
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