Custom GeneRead DNAseq Panels

GeneRead Custom DNAseq Gene Panel
The GeneRead DNAseq Custom Builder is an online tool used to build fully customized panels for targeted enrichment using multiplex PCR.
The GeneRead DNAseq custom builder is an online tool used to build customized panels for the targeted enrichment of specific genomic regions. These regions target genes, specific exons, hotspots, or any genomic region of interest in the human genome. The “Design by gene” option allows you to target specific coding sequences of genes, while the “Design for genomic coordinates” allows you to define genomic coordinates to target specific genomic regions such as hotspots.
# Samples supported
Amplicon design
Custom 480 Flexible Anywhere in the genome
Mix-n-Match 96 Fixed Coding sequences of 570 genes
  • The builder designs panels that generate small amplicons of 150 bp on average, which can be efficiently used to sequence FFPE samples. The size of amplicons can be extended to 225 bp to increase breadth of coverage.
  • By default, the builder covers 10 bp of exon/intron junctions, which can be further customized to cover more or less of these junctions.
  • By default, amplicons are designed with a high specificity to the targeted regions. This can be changed to a more relaxed specificity to increase breadth of coverage.
  • Build a Mix-n-Match panel from QIAGEN’s pool of 570 wet-bench tested gene designs (Mix-n-Match genes). The Mix-n-Match genes enrich coding sequences of specific genes by producing amplicons of 150 bp only. You have the option of changing this amplicon length to 225 bp to increase the breadth of coverage. However, the longer amplicons have not been wet-bench validated.
  • Archival of all your custom panels for easy re-ordering or retrieval of panel specifications.
  • The builder uses hg19 (GRCh37) as the reference genome.
For any GeneRead DNAseq Custom panel V2 requests, please contact your local account manager
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Enter genomic coordinates

Define regions such as specific exons, certain mutation regions, introns, UTRs, etc…. Genomic coordinates are required.
Genomic format accepted:
Chromosome start stop (Example: chr1 100326942 100327378)
One line for each chromosome and location. Comma, semicolon or tab stop are also accepted as separator.
Please enter all required regions at once. Results will be added to your already selected list of genes
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