Q-Rex Target Detection Plug-in 1.1.0

For unbiased detection of pathogens on the Rotor-Gene Q
The Q-Rex Target Detection Plug-in of the Q-Rex software for the Rotor-Gene Q allows you to easily identify samples containing a pathogen of interest simultaneously from all samples in a run. Detection of the presence or absence of targets is based on user-defined criteria, delivering results as an intuitive stoplight visualization. Detectioni includes the pre-defined assay rules for several QIAGEN Assays and accommodates multiplexing with FRET probes. In addition, users can design lab-developed assays with adapted rules.

  • Automatic analysis enables easy and convenient analysis
  • Stoplight visualization, which allows you to quickly and easily assess targets
  • Use predefined QIAGEN templates for easy experiment setup

For use with the following kits:

  • mericon kits
  • QuantiNova Pathogen + IC kits
  • Main Image Navi


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Analysis Software
New target detection analysis plug-in for the Q-Rex Software
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For use with the Q-Rex Software version 1.1 to detect targets by PCR
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For use with Rotor-Gene Q instruments and Q-Rex Software version 1.1
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