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EZ1 DNA Forensic Card

For easy setup of protocols for forensic applications using the BioRobot EZ1 workstation and the EZ1 DNA Tissue Kit
  • Rapid purification of high-quality nucleic acids from a wide range of sample types
  • Easy-to-use workstation protocols require minimal user interaction
  • Flexibility and versatility to suit different types of lab

The EZ1 DNA Forensic Card is preprogrammed with protocols for purification of DNA from forensic samples using the EZ1 DNA Tissue Kit on the BioRobot EZ1.

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Cat No./ID: 9015864
EZ1 DNA Forensic Card
Pre-programmed card for BioRobot EZ1 Forensic protocols

EZ1 Cards are used in combination with EZ1 Kits on the BioRobot EZ1. Please refer to the specific EZ1 Kit handbook and the BioRobot EZ1 User Manual for information about product use.

Product Details

Accurate STR analysis from human hair.

STR profile of a 3-day old human hair sample at nine different loci. DNA was purified from hair root sections (2 cm) using the BioRobot EZ1 workstation with the EZ1 DNA Tissue Mini Kit and the Trace Sample protocol. Purified DNA was eluted in 100 µl and 10 µl (2.5 ng) was used in a 25 µl PCR of nine STRs. Blue: D3S1358/vWA/FGA; Green: D8S1179/D21S11/D18S51 plus the Amelogenin gene; Black: D5S818/D13S317/D7S820.

The EZ1 DNA Tissue Kit provides rapid DNA purification from forensic samples, such as hair (see figure "Accurate STR analysis from human hair"), cigarette butts, and trace samples, when used in combination with the BioRobot EZ1 and the EZ1 Forensic Card.
EZ1 Cards specify a choice of purification protocols without any manual data entry. Further EZ1 Cards may be purchased at any time  increasing the application range of the BioRobot EZ1.

Simply insert the EZ1 Card with the desired protocol into the EZ1 Card slot and start the instrument.


The high-quality DNA obtained using the BioRobot EZ1 with the EZ1 DNA Forensic Card and the EZ1 DNA Tissue Kit is suited for use in many applications such as:

  • PCR and real-time RT-PCR
  • Genotyping
  • Molecular testing research

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