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Oligotex Suspension

For mRNA purification
  • High recovery of pure mRNA in as little as 30 minutes
  • No oligo-dT cellulose or ethanol precipitation
  • Flexibility for use with widely varying amounts of starting RNA
Each Oligotex Kit includes Oligotex resin for binding poly A+ mRNA, and spin columns for washing and eluting bound mRNA. Oligotex mRNA Kits enable purification of mRNA from total RNA and cleanup of poly A+ in vitro transcripts. Oligotex Direct mRNA Kits enable purification of mRNA from cells and tissues. Oligotex Suspension provides additional Oligotex resin for use with Oligotex Kits.

Product Resources

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Kit Handbooks (1)
For Purification of poly A+ RNA from total RNA, purification of poly A+ RNA directly, from cultured cells or tissues, and purification of polyadenylated in vitro transcripts 
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User-Developed Protocols (2)
The procedure has been used successfully by customers for regeneration of Oligotex resin from spin columns following elution of poly A+ mRNA.
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The procedure has been successfully used for isolation of mRNA from adipose tissue by customers. Because of the nature of adipose tissue it cannot be used immediately in Oligotex Direct mRNA Protocols; simple centrifugation, however, eliminates the problem, and the procedure works fine.
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