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Many researchers are turning to dPCR for the unparalleled sensitivity, precision and reproducibility it provides for detecting low-abundance targets, targets in complex mixtures, allelic variants and small fold-change differences. However, the substantial investments in training, standardization and resources required to adopt dPCR can put it out of the reach of many laboratories.

To help you take advantage of this highly precise technology, we offer a complete solution for dPCR-based mutation detection and copy number variation studies.

Our Digital PCR Services offer:
  • End-to-end service: We take care of every step, from sample preparation to data analysis
  • Guidance and flexibility: We aid in designing your project and help you make the right decisions
  • Expertise in nanoplate-based dPCR technology: We provide years of experience in nanoplate-based dPCR using our sensitive QIAcuity Digital PCR System
  • Ready-to-publish data: We deliver comprehensive reports and data packages, and provide guidance on the next steps
Our comprehensive Digital PCR Mutation Detection and Copy Number Variation workflow

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Service Profile for Digital PCR Mutation Detection and Copy Number Variation Services
Service Profile for Digital PCR Mutation Detection and Copy Number Variation Services

Get more details about our highly precise approach to sensitive and reproducible nucleic acid detection and quantification.

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Genomic Services demo reports will give you a good idea of the outcomes from your services. Check out this demo report for results from the Digital PCR Services.

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