LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution

For the ambient temperature stabilization of microbial RNA in the soil


  • Optimized for seamless integration with the RNeasy PowerSoil Total Kit
  • Stabilizes microbial RNA at ambient temperature
  • Retains more RNA from collection to processing
LifeGuard Soil Preservation (1000 ml)

Cat. No. / ID: 12868-1000

For the ambient temperature stabilization of microbial RNA in soil
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The LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Put microbial RNA from soil samples into immediate stasis with LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution. Stopping degradation of microbial RNA in soil samples preserves gene expression profiles and microbial community structure information. Lifeguard Soil Preservation Solution eliminates the need to chain sample collection to potentially unreliable refrigeration.

The LifeGuard Soil Preservation Kit was previously sold by MO BIO under the same name.


Storage temperatureStore at room temperature (15-30°C)
Sample typesSoil
FormatStabilization solution
Sample size0.25 g


Quick-Start Protocols (1)


Are there important considerations for plasma generation and urine handling?

It is strongly advised to follow the recommendations for preparing sample material provided in the corresponding Protocol Sheet to ensure reliable results.

Plasma: It is recommended to perform plasma separation immediately after blood collection when using EDTA or citrate as anticoagulant to prevent the release of genomic DNA into the plasma fraction.

Urine: Because circulating cell-free DNA in non-stabilized urine samples is rapidly degraded after sample collection due to high nuclease activity, eluates may contain no DNA or exhibit low DNA concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to stabilize urine samples. Even when using stabilized urine, it is recommended to perform a centrifugation step immediately after stabilization to prevent the release of genomic DNA from cells. Alternatively, non-stabilized urine samples can be processed immediately after collection and centrifugation using ATL-pretreatment and automated DNA extraction as described in the corresponding Protocol Sheet.

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