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Unbiased detection of pathogens made easy – see at first glance!
The ability to detect and characterize microorganisms in a sample is a fundamental need in veterinary testing, animal pathogen research, food safety testing and microbiology research.

Real-time PCR-based techniques are increasingly replacing traditional culture-based methods, offering accurate detection in a fraction of the time and effort.
The new Q-Rex Target Detection Plug-in for use on the Rotor-Gene Q now allows you to easily identify all of your samples containing the pathogen of interest – you’ll see at first glance!

Q-Rex Target Detection Plug-in benefits include:
  • Stoplight visualization of results shows you detected microbial targets at first glance
  • Presence/absence detection based on predefined criteria for unbiased data analysis, regardless of personal judgement or training level
  • Cross-talk compensation for optimal multiplexing performance and maximum flexibility of dye selection
  • Wizard-based run setup gives step-by-step user guidance and ensures seamless run performance
  • In-built validation concept ensures highest safety and optimal data analysis

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New target detection analysis plug-in for the Q-Rex Software
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For use with Rotor-Gene Q instruments and Q-Rex Software version 1.1
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For use with the Q-Rex Software version 1.1 to detect targets by PCR
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