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qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Assays

For detecting the presence of specific DNA sequence mutations in cancer and oncogenesis

  • Simple real-time PCR procedure
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Designed for routine use on most qPCR instruments
  • Master mix is included

qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Assays identify the presence of individual specific sequence mutations present in cell lines or research samples that are critical for toxicological, drug development, and cancer studies. The mutations are selected from comprehensive curated databases (e.g., COSMIC) and literature reviews based on their clinical or functional relevance and frequency in patient populations.

Search in GeneGlobe
You can search for the following terms:
  • Entrez Gene IDs (e.g., 835)
  • RefSeq IDs (e.g., NM_032983, NP_116765)
  • Gene symbols (e.g., CASP2)
  • Cat. no. (e.g., SI00299551, QT01342509)
  • Sanger ID or Accession (e.g., hsa-let-7b, MI0000063)
  • CpG loci identification numbers (CG#) (e.g., CG17753661)

Do not enter species information in the Search box. Use the drop-down list to select your species of interest.
When searching for miRNAs, do not omit the hyphens. Use hyphens or spaces (e.g., search for hsa-let-7b or hsa let 7b. Do not search for hsalet7b).

Advanced search settings

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