Liquid Biopsy
    QIAGEN offers liquid biopsy research solutions in cancer and other diseases to make biomarker research sensitive, specific and quick
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    Explore the RNA Universe
    Advanced technologies to expand our understanding of RNA in terms of diversity, complexity and importance
    miRNA analysis, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics, sample stabilization
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    Nucleic acid extraction
    Looking for a flexible, automated solution for nucleic acid extraction? See how QIAsymphony SP has been used by others.
    QIAsymphony SP, purification, nucleic acid extraction, automated solutions
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    Reproducibility through automations
    QIAGEN offers sample quality control solutions to enhance the reproducibility of your research and make your data more reliable
    Reproducibility, standardization, quality control, automated solutions
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    Sample Quality Control
    Add sample quality control measures to your workflow and get on the path to reliable results
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    Microbiology & Microbiome
    Learn about microbiology challenges and solutions, research, experiments, reviews, and the hottest topic in microbiology today — the microbiome.
    Microbe identification, immunity and inflammation, microbiomes
    Find big solutions for small organisms
    Single Cells – Uncover the Details
    Explore all things single cell related – from challenges to solutions – and learn to get the most out of a single cell!
    Single cells, single cell NGS, single cell WGA, single cell targeted sequencing
    Get to the heart of a single cell
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