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RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification

For lncRNA expression profiling using a partially modified pathway or disease panel
  • A cost-effective way to add your favorite genes to a pathway or disease panel 
  • Any RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assay or RT2 qPCR Primer Assay can be selected
  • Assays laboratory-verified for amplification efficiency, specificity and sensitivity
  • Add up to 4 genes, while still retaining patented controls
The RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification combines the same expertly selected lncRNA panels present in cataloged RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays with up to 4 lncRNAs unique to your research. Add any 4 lncRNA assays from a cataloged array and replace them with lncRNA assays of your choice, selected from our comprehensive list of human or mouse RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays.

To order a RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification, please use this excel file.

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RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification
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Modified cataloged RT2 lncRNA PCR Array, replacing up to 4 assays
The RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Product Details

Modified PCR array 96-well plate layout.
Each well in an RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification measures the relative expression of a gene related to a pathway or disease state. Arrays are available in four formats: the 96-well plate, the 384-well plate, the 100-well disc and the 96 x 96 chip. Every format includes comprehensive, proprietary controls in addition to the laboratory-verified gene assays, including controls to monitor genomic DNA contamination (GDC), first strand synthesis (RTC) and real-time PCR efficiency (PPC). You can add up to 4 genes of interest to replace 4 controls from the plate.
Simple procedure.
The RT2 lncRNA PCR Array system comprises a complete experimental workflow, from sample preparation through to data analysis and interpretation, starting with just 25 ng of RNA (or <1 ng of RNA with the RT2 PreAMP cDNA Synthesis Kit) and provides free data analysis software. Each cataloged RT2 lncRNA PCR Array incorporates laboratory-verified assays for 84 pathway focused genes, 5 housekeeping genes for normalization and controls that check for sample quality and reaction quality.
RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays are panels of RT2 lncRNA qPCR Assays for long noncoding RNAs related by pathway or disease. Assays are designed using a computer algorithm, which has been developed using an in vitro assay to ensure that the resulting primer sequences generate a single PCR product of the predicted size without primer-dimers or off-target amplification – in 33 cycles of PCR amplification. The assay also ensures that the amplification efficiency of the primers is 100 +/– 10%. As a result, the algorithm designs highly effective primer sequences for SYBR® Green based real-time PCR detection.

For optimal performance, RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays should be used together with the RT2 First Strand Kit for cDNA synthesis and RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes for qPCR. These reagents have been formulated and pretested together with RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays. The RT2 First Strand Kit includes a proprietary genomic DNA elimination step to remove any residual contamination in RNA samples before reverse transcription, thereby eliminating false positive signals. In addition, an artificial RNA control template is also included which can be used to follow the reverse transcription efficiency across samples and monitor against RNase contamination. Each of the real-time instrument-specific RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes contains SYBR Green and an appropriate reference dye to match the instrumentation available in your laboratory. RT2 SYBR Green Mastermixes are available for all real-time PCR instruments from QIAGEN, Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad, Stratagene, Eppendorf, Roche and other major suppliers.
Simply mix the cDNA template with the appropriate ready-to-use PCR mastermix, aliquot equal volumes to each well of the same plate and run the real-time PCR cycling program (see flowchart "Simple procedure"). RT2 lncRNA PCR Arrays are compatible with all QIAGEN, ABI, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Roche and Stratagene instruments.

Flexible layout and controls

RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification is available in 96-well plate, 384-well plate, and 100-well disc formats, and is used to monitor the expression of 84 lncRNA genes related to a disease state or pathway, which includes up to 4 lncRNA genes of the user's choosing that will replace assays on a cataloged array(see "Modified PCR array 96-well plate layout").
Five reference genes are included, as well as control elements for:

  • Data normalization
  • Genomic DNA contamination detection
  • RNA sample quality
  • General PCR performance
  • Easy-to-use data analysis

Easy-to-use data analysis

Data can be analyzed using an easy-to-use Excel-based data analysis template or Web-based software. Data analysis is based on the ΔΔCT method with normalization of the raw data to either housekeeping genes.

RT2 lncRNA PCR Array Modification is highly suited for lncRNA research that requires the study of a few specific lncRNAs in combination with overall pathway or disease profiling.

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Le site web n’est pas disponible en français dans son intégralité. Son contenu est international et peut aller à l’encontre des règlementations locales.