Enabling justice and closure

Human ID & Forensics

Enabling justice and closure

Bring reassurance and confirmation to survivors of sexual violence

Sexual assaults are a serious public safety concern and represent a significant percentage of cases examined by crime laboratories and forensic scientists (≥ 50%). A UN report from 2015 estimated that 1 in 3 women, or nearly 35% women globally, experience sexual assault at some point in their lives. Sexual assault victims often do not get the necessary closure they require due to the lack of informative and conclusive results from challenging DNA evidence. Issues related to DNA mixtures, degraded and low levels of DNA, PCR inhibitors and even available laboratory resources to process samples in a timely manner, can all impede successful completion of necessary casework. To help overcome these challenges, QIAGEN is partnering with forensic scientists worldwide and enabling justice by streamlining sexual assault sample analysis. We provide dedicated products and protocols for every step of the workflow, from differential extraction to STR analysis.

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Your opinion can make a difference this sexual assault awareness month
April is sexual assault awareness month. This year, QIAGEN is developing a new differential separation and DNA extraction kit for sexual assault samples and we need your input. As a forensic analyst who processes sexual assault samples on a daily basis, your feedback and opinions are extremely important to us. For each response we receive, QIAGEN will donate USD$10 to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) and WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe).
Y-STR Analysis
A new, advanced approach to Y-STR analysis

Streamline your sexual assault sample analysis and get reliable results in even the toughest PCR conditions with the new Investigator Argus Y-28 QS Kit. Get maximum discrimination capacity with our unique set of markers, along with superior sensitivity, straightforward DNA quality assessment and best-in-class PCR chemistry. Be the first to add this exciting new tool to your workflow.

Meet the global forensics community
Meet the global forensics community at the 2021 Virtual Investigator Forum
The Investigator Forum that you know and love is coming soon to a computer screen near you. Join us from June 30–July 2, 2021, to discuss the latest breakthroughs and achievements in human identity science and technology. Learn more about this can’t-miss-it opportunity!
Speed up the resolution of sexual assault cases

Discover how our comprehensive product portfolio and dedicated workflows can expedite your sexual assault sample analysis.

EZ1 Advanced XL
Get ready for the second revolution in sample preparation

EZ1 Advanced XL forever changed the way forensic analysts perform sample prep. Now, get ready for the next breakthrough in ultra-efficient nucleic acid extraction:

  • High throughput extraction of up to 24 samples in ~20 minutes
  • Maximal process safety with in-built cameras for real-time monitoring
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen display with preprogrammed protocols
  • Remote connectivity through your phone to reduce instrument down-time
Corp Com EZ103191
EZ1 and QIAcube work together in sexual assault case
Since its launch, the EZ1 instrument has continued to take sample prep to new heights, allowing even the most challenging samples to be successfully processed. Discover how to accelerate EZ1 Advanced XL processing of mixed epithelial and sperm cells by replacing the transfer and pellet wash steps with an automated QIAcube Connect protocol.

QIAcube Connect dramatically increases sample throughput

A crucial step in sexual assault sample processing is the effective lysis and careful separation of the sperm and epithelial fractions. Our specially designed differential wash protocols on the QIAcube Connect rise to meet this challenge, helping you get the most out of difficult samples. Hear how Maria Cownan, Criminalist II, City and County of San Francisco, uses the QIAcube to increase the throughput of sexual assault sample processing.


Make sample processing easy

Try the QIAcube Connect demo tool now!

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