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QIAGEN Benelux B.V. - Luxembourg
Address: Hulsterweg 82
5912 PL Venlo
Hours: Opening hours are weekdays 09:00 hrs – 17.00 hrs.
Telephone: Technical Service: 8002 2067
Fax: Technical Service: 8002 2057
Email: Technical Service
Customer care  
How to order  
Online: www.qiagen.com/shop
By email: orders-bnl@qiagen.com
By fax: 8002 2073
By phone: 8002 2076
How to contact us  
By email: customercare-bnl@qiagen.com
By fax: 8002 2073
By phone: 8002 2076
Office hours: Normal business hours are 09:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)
  Outside of our working hours, you can leave recorded messages for our immediate
attention the following work day
Le site web n’est pas disponible en français dans son intégralité. Son contenu est international et peut aller à l’encontre des règlementations locales.