digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit

For conversion of cervical specimens collected in PreservCyt media prior to digene HC2 HPV testing
  • Designed for use with digene HC2 HPV DNA tests
  • Specimens in PreservCyt media can be used to perform Pap and digene HC2 HPV DNA tests
Use of the digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit with PreservCyt Medium allows both cytologic diagnosis (ThinPrep Pap Test) and the digene HC2 HPV DNA tests to be performed from the same specimens.
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The digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit consists of the Sample Conversion Buffer, Specimen Transport Medium (STM), Denaturation Reagent, and Indicator Dye. The STM has an added preservative to retard bacterial growth and to retain the integrity of DNA. The STM is not intended to preserve viability of organisms or cells, and the specimens that are collected in STM cannot be used for culture or other testing methods.

The Sample Conversion Buffer, Denaturation Reagent, and STM are used to prepare cells for hybridization in digene HC2 DNA tests or storage.

The digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit provides ease of use. The cervical cells are first collected in PreservCyt Medium. Once the cervical cells have been collected, the digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit can be used to pellet, resuspend, and denature them in preparation for testing. After ThinPrep Pap Test slides have been prepared, the remaining specimen volume is used to perform digene HC2 DNA testing. To have adquate specimen volume for the digene HC2 DNA tests, there must be at least 4 ml of PreservCyt Medium remaining after preparing the Pap test slide.
The digene HC2 Sample Conversion Kit is used to prepare cervical cells for testing using digene HC2 DNA tests, such as the digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test.