Targeted approaches for RNA-seq library construction allow researchers to enrich for low expressing RNAs of interest from limited amount of total RNA or RNA samples which are highly fragmented.  QIAGEN has developed targeted RNA applications which use unique molecular indexing to remove PCR duplicates and for increased accuracy.  In this presentation we will discuss applications using the most common exon, and targeted 3’ RNA-seq to follow the host response during viral infection.  Targeted RNA panels are the perfect tool for generating massive amounts of gene expression data on low capacity sequencing instruments as an upgrade from qPCR and other applications which require more sample input.  In this webinar we will talk about pathway content that QIAGEN has developed using the QIAGEN knowledge base and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and how researchers can convert whole transcriptome, microarray, qPCR assays and other gene lists into either exon or 3’ Targeted Panels using the GeneGlobe custom Targeted RNA Panel builder.

Join us to see how researchers are using Targeted RNA Panels from QIAGEN to study immune and pathway signaling.

About the speaker
Samuel Rulli, Ph.D., Associate Director, RNA-seq Profiling, NGS Assay Technologies
Date of recording:Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Duration:45 minutes
Academic Basic Research
Infectious Disease
Next Generation Sequencing