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QIAGEN was the first company in the world to develop and sell easy-to-use kits for the isolation of DNA. Today, we offer the widest range of solutions enabling access to valuable molecular insights from any biological sample. With innovative sample and assay technologies as well as standardized automated solutions and industry-leading bioinformatics applications, QIAGEN is committed to enabling our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, applied testing, pharma and molecular diagnostics. Solutions are available for all molecular laboratories in universities and hospitals, through to large commercial labs.
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  • Consumables  

    Our broad range of ready-to-use kits for sample preparation and analysis allows DNA or RNA isolation from any biological sample and subsequent analysis to provide valuable molecular insights. Assay kits are available for analysis by techniques such as PCR, qPCR, next-generation sequencing (NGS), Pyrosequencing and Hybrid Capture detection. Our validated diagnostic kits detect known pathogens such as influenza, HPV, tuberculosis, hepatitis or HIV, as well as cancer biomarkers, such as KRAS, which is associated with colon cancer.
  • Instruments  

    Our instrument portfolio includes platforms to standardize sample preparation, simplify assay setup and perform real-time PCR and sequencing. QIAGEN´s flagship platform, the QIAsymphony RGQ, is installed in over 1000 labs worldwide and the full validated diagnostic systems can process primary blood samples to isolate and test target nucleic acids for transplantation panels, blood-borne viruses and STDs. Overall, the instruments we offer for basic research and clinical testing meet many lab needs. Our instruments simplify work processes, increase test options due to broad menu options, improve sample throughput and ultimately provide meaningful results.
  • Bioinformatics  
    At QIAGEN, we were quick to see that understanding raw data is one of the most significant challenges in modern molecular biology, both for research and in the clinic. QIAGEN has invested significantly in industry-leading applications for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of biological data. As data must be examined within the context of complex biological processes, we combine powerful analytics and visualizations with the largest curated repository of biological findings. QIAGEN Bioinformatics deliver answers quickly and accurately, leading to faster time to insight.