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RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit

For the isolation of high quality total RNA from all soil types
  • High RNA yield from biomass samples by purifying RNA from up to 2 grams of soil
  • High-quality RNA isolation from all soil samples types including difficult environmental samples
  • Effortless removal of PCR inhibitors for highly pure RNA ready for downstream applications
Isolate total RNA from up to 2 grams of soil with the RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit. Inhibitor Removal Technology removes humic substances and other inhibiting compounds, leaving RNA that is ready for RT-PCR, qPCR and other downstream applications. While the RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit works with all soil types, it excels with samples that have a high humic substance content such as manure, sediment or compost.

The user-friendly procedures allow all researchers to use the kit. Samples are processed with bead beating for rapid and thorough homogenization. Total RNA is captured in a spin column, washed and eluted, resulting in RNA that is ready to use without further handling or purification.

Note: This kit requires additional phenol, chloroform, and isoamyl alcohol which are not provided.

For co-isolation of DNA from the same starting sample, try the RNeasy PowerSoil DNA Elution Kit.

The RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit was formerly sold by MO BIO as RNA PowerSoil Total RNA Kit (25).
The RNeasy PowerSoil Total RNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.