Introducing the new PyroMark Q48 Autoprep!

PyroMark Q48 Autoprep
Each sample is unique – decipher the hidden details in your samples with Pyrosequencing
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When your work demands the greatest precision, you can count on QIAGEN’s PyroMark instruments to reveal the most detailed information from your sample and to ensure that the correct variant is analyzed. Based on renowned Pyrosequencing technology, the newly introduced PyroMark Q48 Autoprep offers the longest Pyrosequencing read lengths, allowing you to analyze and quantify as many CpG sites or mutations as possible. Combining quantitative sequence analysis with integrated sample preparation, this new platform lets you to get more information from your samples – and turn your results into actionable insights.

In minutes, PyroMark Q48 Autoprep measures and quantifies any sequence variation, from SNPs and mutations to DNA methylation, with high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. When precision is critical – especially in methylation analysis, evaluating mutations, identifying microbes or typing microbial drug resistance – validate your NGS or array results with PyroMark Q48 Autoprep for data you can trust!
What's new with PyroMark Q48 Autoprep? How you will benefit
Integrated and automated template prep and primer annealing Time savings and convenience from less manual interaction
Longer read lengths More information from your samples
Fully quantitative and sensitive sequence analysis Quantify more CpG sites and mutations with precision and easily identify microbes
Advanced chemistry and protocol reduces background Quantify low-frequency mutations and CpG or CpN methylation with high reliability and accuracy
Touchscreen-controlled instrument and intuitive, user-friendly software Increased convenience and ease of use

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