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Are you tired of nucleic acid isolations requiring tedious organic extractions or harsh chemicals that reduce assay sensitivity? Would you like to easily detect microorganisms at low titers or profile host response pathways? We offer solutions!
High yields of nucleic acids from difficult-to-lyse microbes
Isolating nucleic acids from difficult-to-lyse microbes can result in low yields or reduced assay sensitivity. The QIAamp UCP Pathogen Mini Kit, when used with Pathogen Lysis Tubes, provides efficient cell lysis, with high yields of pathogen DNA. The QIAamp UCP Pathogen Mini Kit purifies microbial DNA for use in downstream applications. Ultraclean production (UCP) reagents and consumables provide high-quality purified DNA for your downstream applications. 

Easy and reliable profiling of host response pathways
RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays, the only wet bench-verified qPCR primer arrays with guaranteed performance, are reliable tools for analyzing the expression of a focused panel of genes. Each 96-well plate, 384-well plate, or 100-well disc PCR array includes SYBR Green-optimized primer assays for a thoroughly researched panel of relevant, pathway- or disease-focused genes. We currently offer more than 30 different infectious disease-related gene panels which enable quick and sensitive gene expression profiling or verification of your NGS or microarray data.

Sensitive detection of pathogen targets from low copy number samples
With QuantiFast Probe PCR Kits, there’s no need to worry about false-negative results when detecting low titer pathogens. This complete line of qPCR mastermixes enables rapid and accurate detection of your target without compromising sensitivity. QuantiFast Probe PCR Kits deliver fast and sensitive quantification of gDNA and cDNA targets by real-time PCR and two-step RT-PCR using sequence-specific probes.

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RT² Profiler PCR Array
For pathway-focused gene expression analysis using laboratory-verified assays
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For microbial DNA purification from whole blood, swabs, cultures, and body fluids
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For fast, real-time PCR and two-step qRT-PCR using sequence-specific probes
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