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Rapid Capture System

For high-throughput Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2) assays
  • Streamlines digene HC2 High-Risk HPV and other HC2 DNA tests
  • Significant increase in labor savings
  • Decreases turn-around time for delivering results to physicians
  • Enables the laboratory to increase testing capacity
The Rapid Capture System is a semi-automated pipetting and microplate handling system for high-volume sample-throughput testing. This system handles up to 352 specimens and 1 to 4 plates in a single 8 hour shift (competitive productivity comparison of 352 specimens, CT results only; data collected by third party consultants — on file). The Rapid Capture System fits on a standard bench top and is compatible with software that provides LIS interface connectivity.

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The Rapid Capture System is intended to be used only in combination with QIAGEN Kits indicated for use with Rapid Capture System for applications described in the respective QIAGEN Kit handbooks.

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