Oligonucleotides at high-purity level



At OEM by QIAGEN, we manufacture premium quality oligonucleotides for molecular and in-vitro diagnostics applications. Our oligonucleotides are produced using AIE-HPLC and RP-HPLC methods, resulting in a very high purity level.

Critical raw materials are tested and approved before use in production for lot-to-lot reproducibility. Synthesis processes are optimized and automated to meet the stringent requirements of the diagnostic field, including non-contamination guarantee for IVD-grade. QIAGEN is registered at FDA as an ASR manufacturer. Moreover, we work according to cGMP/QSR procedures, providing full traceability with extensive Production Batch Records.

Our customers are located all over the world and including many leading IVD companies.

OEM primers and probes can help you accelerate your innovation to fight public health emergencies

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