Single cell
Comprehensive workflows for single cell NGS
QIAGEN’s single cell NGS solutions combine industry-leading performance, robustness, and sensitivity to deliver exceptional data quality. Our complete solutions cover the entire single cell NGS workflow, starting from single cells and ending with PCR-free NGS libraries, all with a single kit. Whether you are analyzing isolated single cells or complex tissues for sequence and structural variants, conducting PGD research, analyzing gene expression and detecting rare transcripts, or generating de novo genomes from a single bacterium, QIAseq’s single cell NGS kits provide you with unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy at competitive all-in pricing that allows you to analyze more cells. Discover QIAseq solutions for single cell NGS today!
QIAseq UPX 3' Targeted RNA Panel (96)
For ultraplex (UPX) gene expression analysis using 3' RNA-seq from single cells and low-input samples
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QIAseq UPX 3' Transcriptome Kit (96)
For high-throughput 3' transcriptome NGS from ultralow amounts of RNA
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QIAseq FX Single Cell DNA Library Kit (24)
Single-cell whole genome libraries with comprehensive coverage and high sequence fidelity
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QIAseq FX Single Cell RNA Library Kit (24)
Single cell RNA-seq libraries that provide a deeper view of the transcriptome
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