Digital PCR

Protein quantification and interaction

Reach new frontiers

Did you know? Digital PCR on the QIAcuity doesn’t have to be limited to DNA and RNA quantification any longer. 

Actome’s pioneering Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) technology extends QIAcuity’s reach beyond genomics into proteomics, enabling a highly versatile and sensitive approach to detect and quantify single proteins and protein interactions. The PICO technology translates complex protein status into DNA barcodes that can be amplified and detected using digital PCR. 

This is particularly useful when investigating cellular pathways, looking for protein biomarkers, developing novel assays for pharmaceutical research or performing multi-omics analysis.

What is PICO?

Protein Interaction Coupling (PICO) technology measures proteins and protein interactions in biological samples with single molecular sensitivity. 

When combined with QIAcuity digital PCR, it enables applications otherwise unattainable by existing technologies. 

  • High-sensitivity protein biomarker detection
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Disruptive cancer research applications
  • Innovative assays for pharmaceutical research
Protein quantitation by digital PCR
Together with QIAGEN and your preferred antibody supplier, Actome offers all you need to analyse proteins and protein interactions.**
** Through our webshop, PICO products are currently only available in Europe. Please get in touch with Actome to find out about product availability in the rest of the world.