Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 Software

To download Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 after purchase:
    Click the "Download" button and follow the on-screen instructions to install Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1.
    Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 and license must be purchased prior to use.    

    IMPORTANT: In order to perform and analyze runs, at least one Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 plug-in needs to be installed. Refer to your assay kit handbook for more information.

To purchase a license key for Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1:
    1. After purchasing Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 software and licenses, click the "Download" button and follow the onscreen instructions to install. After successful installation of the Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 and a plug-in, a “key file” will be generated. This "key file" will be attached to the "Technical Support Form" in Step 5, below.   
    2. Go to the Technical Support Form. Make sure to include all required information and your Rotor-Gene Q or Rotor-Gene Q MDx serial number when filling out the form.       
    3. For Question 2, "Type of Request", select “Other”.
    4. For Question 4, “Your inquiry”, enter "Rotor-Gene AssayManager license request” and include your purchase order number, from your order confirmation.
    5. Include the "key file" from Step 1 as an attachment.
    6. Submit the form. QIAGEN Technical Services will respond via email with a license file within 1–2 working days.    
    7. After receiving your computer-specific Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 license file, archive the license file locally on your computer.

IMPORTANT: The license file must always exist on the computer that has Rotor-Gene AssayManager v2.1 installed. The license file location should be protected and not subject to change.

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