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QIAvac 24 Plus

For vacuum-driven processing of up to 24 spin columns
  • Reduced sample handling and accelerated processing
  • Parallel sample processing

The QIAvac 24 Plus vacuum manifold is designed for vacuum processing of QIAGEN columns in parallel. 
For optimal results it is recommended that QIAvac 24 Plus is used together with the QIAvac Connecting system and a Vacuum Pump.
The QIAvac 24 Plus must be used together with the QIAvac Accessories.

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Cat No./ID: 19413
QIAvac 24 Plus
Vacuum manifold for processing 1–24 spin columns: includes QIAvac 24 Plus Vacuum Manifold, Luer Plugs, Quick Couplings

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High, reproducible yields of genomic DNA.

Genomic DNA was purified from 200 μl whole EDTA-treated blood stored at 4°C for 3 days. Eluate (20 μl) was loaded per lane. M: markers.

An integrated system for various applications.

For connecting the QIAvac 24 Plus and Vacuum Pump
Vacuum-driven liquid processing on vacuum manifolds.
Vacuum-driven liquid processing facilitates sample handling and reduces hands-on preparation time by eliminating the tedious loading and unloading of spin columns into a centrifuge and subsequent removal of flow-through during binding and washing procedures  (see flowchart "Vacuum-driven liquid processing on vacuum manifolds"). Prevention of cross-contamination is especially critical when purifying nucleic acids from sensitive samples. QIAGEN columns are inserted into disposable VacConnectors, preventing direct contact of the column with the manifold. VacValves ensure constant vacuum pressure with viscous samples like blood. The QIAvac 24 Plus vacuum manifold together with the QIAvac Connecting System proved to be an ideal set up for convenient processing of several QIAGEN kits.

Simply insert 1–24 columns into the manifold, add the samples or buffers, and turn on the vacuum source. Samples and buffers are drawn efficiently through columns, facilitating multiple loadings of large sample volumes and eliminating the need to discard flow-through. Vacuum-driven liquid processing is faster than centrifugation and still gives high, reproducible yields (see figure "High, reproducible yields of genomic DNA").

In combination with the QIAvac Connecting System (see figure "An integrated system for various applications"), the QIAvac 24 Plus can be used as a flow-through system. The sample flow-through, containing possible infectious material, is collected in a separate waste bottle.


The QIAvac 24 Plus vacuum manifold enables fast and efficient vacuum processing of QIAGEN columns and is ideally suited to laboratory research. Vacuum-driven liquid processing is an attractive alternative to centrifugation that minimizes the hands-on time needed for sample preparation.

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Kit Handbooks (1)
For vacuum processing of QIAGEN spin columns  
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User-Developed Protocols (2)
This procedure has been adapted by customers and is for purification of viral RNA and DNA from plasma, serum, and cell-free body fluids using the QIAamp MinElute Virus Vacuum Kit.
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The procedure has been used successfully for isolation of a single-copy, 14.5 kb, binary plasmid, p35S GUS INT, from Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain GV2260 (1).
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