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QuantiFERON Control Panel

For monitoring the accuracy of QuantiFERON ELISA assays
  • In compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (1)
  • Consistent and reliable results (2)
  • Cost-effective control
  • Easy preparation and use
The QuantiFERON Control Panel consists of 3 sets of interferon-gamma (IFNγ) controls made up of recombinant human IFNγ lyophilized in an aqueous buffered solution. Each complete set consists of 3 individual controls that represent different IFNγ concentration levels (levels 1, 2, and 3) within the linear range of QuantiFERON assays (2).

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Cat No./ID: 0594-0805
QuantiFERON Control Panel
Controls, including: QuantiFERON IFNγ Control Level 1 (3 vials), QuantiFERON IFNγ Control Level 2 (3 vials), QuantiFERON IFNγ Control Level 3 (3 vials)
The QuantiFERON Control Panel is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in Europe.
1. Mazurek, G.H. et al. (2010) MMWR Recomm. Rep. 59 (RR-5), 1.
2. QuantiFERON Control Panel Product Sheet, December 2012, 1075111 Rev. 01.

Product Details

Validated for QuantiFERON ELISA assays, the QuantiFERON Control Panel is a standardized IFNγ control for use in monitoring the accuracy of QuantiFERON ELISA assays. Use of the QuantiFERON Control Panel ensures consistent and reproducible results between both ELISA runs and operators (2), and will eliminate the current costs associated with the development, calibration, and validation of in-house IFNγ controls.
When reconstituted with distilled water, each set of 3 IFNγ controls is processed the same way as a patient's plasma samples.
The 3 IFNγ control levels contain different concentrations of IFNγ, and will provide results across the expected IFNγ range of the QuantiFERON ELISA platform. When reconstituted, the 3 controls should be tested as though they are plasma samples with a QuantiFERON ELISA assay, with their final, absolute IFNγ concentration values cross-checked against their assigned concentration IFNγ values.
The QuantiFERON Control Panel is to be used to monitor the performance of QuantiFERON ELISA assays, including QuantiFERON-TB Gold ELISA and QuantiFERON-CMV ELISA (2).

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