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AdnaTest BreastCancer CE

For the enrichment and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from the blood of breast cancer patients for gene expression analysis

  • Compliance with EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC
  • Efficient isolation and detection of CTCs from whole blood
  • Molecular characterization of CTCs
  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Processing of multiple samples in parallel
AdnaTest BreastCancer allows molecular characterization of CTCs by combining AdnaTest BreastCancerSelect with AdnaTest BreastCancerDetect using the Combination of Combinations Principle (COCP). AdnaTest BreastCancerSelect is a highly specific immunomagnetic cell-selection system for enriching circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood. AdnaTest BreastCancerDetect allows sensitive analysis of breast cancer-associated gene expression in immunomagnetically enriched tumor cells by reverse transcription and PCR.

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Cat No./ID: 395412
AdnaTest BreastCancerSelect CE
For isolation of CTCs and the subsequent extraction of mRNA from human whole blood for 12 preparations
Cat No./ID: 396412
AdnaTest BreastCancerDetect CE
RT-PCR kit for detection of breast cancer-associated gene expression in enriched tumor cells
Cat No./ID: 399911
For 8 tubes, 1.5 ml
Cat No./ID: 399921
For 8 tubes, 15 ml

The AdnaTest BreastCancer CE is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Details

AdnaTest BreastCancer is a highly specific immunomagnetic cell selection system for enriching circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood and includes a highly sensitive RT-PCR for detecting breast cancer-specific mRNA markers. See the online Performance Characteristics.
AdnaTest technology uses an optimized combination of antibodies for cell selection in 5 ml whole blood and a combination of tumor-associated markers for the detection of tumor cells: EpCAM, CA15-3 (Muc1), presence of Her2 receptors (optional detection of estrogen and progesterone receptors by AdnaTest ER / PR Detect).
The AdnaTest uses a two-step process (Select and Detect) to generate results within 5 hours (see figures “AdnaTest workflow”). AdnaTest BreastCancerSelect enables the immunomagnetic enrichment of tumor cells from whole blood via epithelial- and tumor-associated antigens. Antibodies against epithelial- and tumor-associated antigens are conjugated to magnetic beads for labeling of tumor cells. Labeled cells are extracted by a magnetic particle concentrator (AdnaMag-L and AdnaMag-S), lysed and mRNA is then purified from these lysates (see figures “AdnaTest Select – Immunomagnetic cell selection with multiple tumor-associated antibodies labeled to magnetic beads”). In the second step, the isolated mRNA is transcribed into cDNA and can be amplified using multiplex PCR (see figures “AdnaTest Detect – Multiplex PCR of various cancer-associated tumor markers”). AdnaTest BreastCancerDetect contains Oligo (dT) 25-coated beads for the isolation of mRNA from the lysate of pre-enriched tumor cells. Reverse transcription results in cDNA that can subsequently be used as template for tumor cell detection and characterization by multiplex PCR. Multiplex PCR provides tumor-associated gene expression profiles for a variety of relevant tumor markers to ensure that the selected cells are cancer cells. The PrimerMix BreastDetect allows amplification of 3 tumor-associated genes and 1 control gene (see table below). The primers generate fragments of the following sizes:
PrimerMix BreastDetect
 Target gene  PCR fragment size (bp)
 GA733-2  395
 Muc-1  299
 Her-2  265
 Actin (internal PCR control)  120

  • Isolation of CTCs from whole human blood
  • Molecular characterization of CTCs   
  • mRNA profiling
  • Liquid biopsy

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