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Cost-effective analysis of genetic and epigenetic variation

Pyrosequencing with the PyroMark platform integrates detection and quantification of genetic variation into one system and outperforms other sequence-based solutions for cost-effective analysis of targeted short DNA sequences. The Pyrosequencing sequencing-by-synthesis technology is suitable for a range of applications where quantifiable sequence data are critical for characterization of complex DNA modifications. Pyrosequencing sensitively quantifies somatic mutation frequencies and DNA methylation levels at both CpG and non-CpG (CpN) sites and presents these results as a percentage. In addition, insertion-deletions (indels) and unknown sequence variants are characterized and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are analyzed to resolve sample heterozygosity. It is possible to assay several contiguous sequence variants in a single run.

Pyrosequencing with the PyroMark platform means reduced cost and time investment when the number of loci of interest to be analyzed falls between a suitable qPCR target and the need for more expensive technologies like next-generation sequencing and arrays.

Loci to analyze Up to a handful of loci Up to a few hundred bases More
Cost-effective approach qPCR Pyrosequencing Next-generation sequencing and arrays

QIAGEN is the sole supplier of instruments, reagents and accessories for Pyrosequencing and continues to support it globally. The range of instruments is being consolidated and the PyroMark Q24 and PyroMark Q96 platforms are no longer available. Laboratories are encouraged to upgrade to the PyroMark Q48 Autoprep System in order to continue cost-effective methylation and mutation analysis.

For more information on how Pyrosequencing works, visit the Pyrosequencing Resource Centre.