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Buffer QC

For use as a wash buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffer QX1

For use as a solubilization and binding buffer

Buffer QG

For use in DNA cleanup procedures

Buffer PM

For use as a binding buffer

Buffer PE

For use as a wash buffer in DNA cleanup procedures

Buffer QBT

For use as an equilibration buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffers and Reagents
Buffers and reagents for use with QIAGEN products
Buffer TCL
For preparing lysates for TurboCapture strips or plates
Buffer ASL

For stool lysis

Buffer RW1
For washing of membrane-bound RNA in RNeasy and AllPrep procedures
Buffer RLT Plus
For lysis of cells and tissues in RNeasy Plus and AllPrep DNA/RNA procedures
Buffer P2

For use as a lysis buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffer ATL

For tissue lysis

Buffer AL

For DNA purification using QIAamp and DNeasy Kits

Buffer P1

For use as a resuspension buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffer PB

For use as a binding buffer in DNA cleanup procedures

Buffer EL

For lysing erythrocytes

Buffer RPE
For washing membrane-bound RNA in RNeasy, miRNeasy, and AllPrep procedures
Buffer QF

For use as an elution buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffer RLT
For lysis of cells and tissues before RNA isolation
Buffer AVL

For lysing viral particles when purifying viral nucleic acids

Buffer P3

For use as a neutralization buffer when preparing plasmid DNA

Buffer EB

For eluting nucleic acids

Buffer MTL

For lysis of a variety of sample types

Buffer G2

For use as a lysis buffer when following Genomic-Tip and EZ1 genomic DNA procedures

Buffer ACL

For sample lysis using QIAsymphony DSP Virus/Pathogen Complex OBL (off-board lysis) ...

Buffer RWT
For purification of RNA, including miRNA

Buffer PKD
For digestion of FFPE samples in QIAsymphony, RNeasy, miRNeasy and AllPrep procedures
Buffer ATL

For sample lysis using QIAsymphony DSP Virus/Pathogen complex protocols and ...

Buffer RDD
For efficient on-column digestion of DNA
RNAprotect Cell Reagent
For immediate stabilization and convenient transport of sorted or cultured cells
    • Immediate RNA stabilization with no need to remove medium
    • Cells stable at 30ºC (1 day), 15–25ºC (7 days), or 2–8ºC (4 weeks)
    • Archiving of cells at –20ºC or –80ºC
RNase-Free Water
For use in all molecular biology applications
RNAprotect Bacteria Reagent
For stabilization of RNA in bacterial cultures
    • Immediate RNA stabilization
    • Convenient and safe handling at room temperature
    • Stabilization of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
    • Immediate RNA protection to ensure reliable work
Random Hexamers
For cDNA synthesis using random hexamers in TurboCapture strips or plates
LifeGuard Soil Preservation Solution
For the ambient temperature stabilization of microbial RNA in the soil
    • Optimized for seamless integration with the RNeasy PowerSoil Total Kit
    • Stabilizes microbial RNA at ambient temperature
    • Retains more RNA from collection to processing
Reagent DX
For reducing foaming of lysis buffers during sample disruption and homogenization
MagAttract Suspension G
For use with the BioSprint 96
MaXtract High Density
For safer and convenient extraction of nucleic acids from organic solvents
    • Safer extraction of nucleic acids from organic solvents
    • Reduced carryover of contaminants
    • High nucleic acid recovery
    • Convenient nucleic acid recovery
Microbial DNA-Free Water
For use with Microbial DNA qPCR products
    • Rigorously tested by PCR using Microbial DNA qPCR Assays
    • Filter-sterilized using a 0.22 μM filter
    • UV-treated to destroy contaminating genomic DNA
Investigator STR GO! Punch Buffer
For epithelial cells on FTA paper
    • Improved performance and process safety for buccal cells on FTA paper
    • Overcomes potential inhibition from FTA paper due to low/no liquid transfer
    • Simply add to PCR master mix of Investigator STR GO! Kits

InhibitEx Tablets
PCR inhibitor absorption matrix for use with Buffer ASL during DNA purification
Investigator Human Identification PCR Kit Accessories

For use with Investigator PCR kits for human identity and forensic testing

    • Optimized DNA size standards and other reagents
    • Advanced dye technology for calibrating genetic analyzers
    • Freeware and template files to facilitate analysis of results
Investigator STR GO! Lysis Buffer (200)
STR GO! Lysis Buffer for fast and simple pre-treatment of swabs
    • Robust non-enzymatic lysis for only 5 min at room temperature
    • No heat inactivation required before PCR
    • For cotton, nylon, and flocked swabs
    • Lysates suitable for direct use or storage at –20°C
Oligo-dT Primers
For cDNA synthesis using oligo-dT primers in TurboCapture strips or plates
Genomic DNA Buffer Set

For 75 mini-, 25 midi-, or 10 maxipreps using QIAGEN Genomic-tips

    • Reliable isolation of DNA up to 150 kb in size
    • No phenol or chloroform extractions
    • Convenient, parallel processing of multiple samples
For use as a PCR overlay
    • Innovative hydrophobic, low-viscosity PCR encapsulation barrier
    • Ensures high success rates in precision applications such as real-time PCR
    • Eliminates the need for tube caps, accelerating reaction setup
Ultrapure 100 Buffer Set

For use with the Ultrapure 500 Resin

    • Purification of <0.1 EU/µg DNA
TopElute Fluid
For use in overlaying eluates
Deparaffinization Solution
For deparaffinization of FFPE samples
Deparaffinization Solution
1 x 50 ml Deparaffinization Solution for use with QIAsymphony DSP DNA Mini ...
DNase Booster Buffer
For DNase treament of FFPE samples in QIAsymphony, RNeasy and miRNeasy procedures
Puregene Accessories
For purification of archive-quality DNA from a wide range of sample types
    • Archive-quality DNA for long-term storage
    • Reproducible DNA purification
    • Convenient, scalable purification procedure
Pathogen Lysis Tubes

For mechanical disruption of bacteria and fungi, including yeast

Nuclease-Free Water

For use in any molecular biology application

QIAamp MinElute Virus Accessory Set
For use with multiple QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kits on the QIAcube
QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Accessory Set
For use with multiple QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kits on the QIAcube
QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Accessory Set
For use with multiple QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kits on the QIAcube
QIAamp DNA Accessory Sets
For use with multiple QIAamp DNA Mini Kits or QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kits on the QIAcube
QIAzol Lysis Reagent
For efficient lysis of fatty and standard tissues before RNA isolation
    • Optimized lysis conditions to purify RNA for gene expression analysis
    • High yields of RNA from fatty tissues
    • Easy-to-follow protocol for lysis and homogenization
    • Integration with RNeasy cleanup to prevent phenol carryover
    • Compatibility with a variety of tissue types
QIAGEN RNase Inhibitor
For potent inhibition of RNase A-type ribonucleases