Precise detection of T-cell receptors using RNAseq with unique molecular indexing

Jun 27, 2019 11:00 AM–12:00 PM (EDT)
Duration: 1hrs
Understanding the immune repertoire is an important aspect of immuno-oncology research, which can be used to gather insights into the function and overall status of the immune system. We have developed a simple and straightforward workflow with an RNA-seq panel, which uses Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs), and a data analysis package to characterize the alpha, beta, gamma and delta chains of the human or mouse T-cell receptors, including the CDR1, CDR2 and CDR3 regions. In this webinar, we will discuss both performance and application data for T-cell receptor sequencing and how a complete workflow including UMIs and UMI-enabled software helps increase the overall confidence in the final data analysis.

Dr. Sam Rulli

Samuel J. Rulli

Samuel Rulli is an R&D Scientist in qPCR applications at QIAGEN and has spent three years in the biotech industry as a qPCR specialist developing, evaluating, and teaching different qPCR technologies and applications. Dr. Rulli received his PhD in 2002 from Tulane University studying the gastric proton pump and did post-doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University and the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD. Trained as a molecular biologist, Dr. Rulli has worked on different assay detection technologies for gene expression and nucleic acid analysis.