QIAcuity Software Suite Volume Precision Factor (VPF) Patch for Version 2.0.20 (SOW-975)

The following QIAcuity Software Suite Volume Precision Factor (VPF) patches have been released to enable compatibility with VPF file version 6.0 or higher for QIAcuity Software Suite versions 2.0.20. As the abovementioned QIAcuity Software Suite versions do not allow loading a VPF zip file including more than 20 different individual VPF files, a patch is needed to allow the software for loading VPF zip files version 6.0 or higher. This technical limitation is solved from QIAcuity Software Suite version onwards.

 If you are using the QIAcuity Software Suite version 2.0.20, please consider updating your Software Suite and the Instrument Control Software (CSW) to the most recent version. After updating to the latest software version, no patching is needed.

 If you are not able to update your QIAcuity Software Suite, please install the QIAcuity Software Suite VPF patch for QIAcuity Software Suite version 2.0.20 before loading VPF file version 6 or higher. Additional information and instructions may be found on the Release Note: QIAcuity Software Suite Volume Precision Factor (VPF) Patches.

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