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Multianalyte Sequencing (Multimodal)

Multianalyte Sequencing (Multimodal)

One combined, efficient workflow

Analysis of multiple analytes from the same sample – or multimodal sequencing – is becoming increasingly important due to the rapidly evolving nature of approaches for tumor profiling and biomarker research. However, sample availability, workflow complexity, long turnaround times and the high investment required to onboard multiple workflows are limiting factors, highlighting the need for workflow and assay consolidation.

To overcome these limitations, our QIAseq multimodal sequencing kits start with total nucleic acids (or DNA and RNA) as input, and generate UDI-containing, Illumina instrument-compatible targeted DNA and RNA libraries from just 10 ng total nucleic acid input using a single-day, consolidated workflow. By consolidating multiple workflows into one, multimodal sequencing overcomes the challenges of comprehensive profiling by consolidating interrogation of different analytes into a single DNA and RNA library prep workflow, reducing overall costs and sample to sequencing turnaround time from the conventional 3 days down to a single day.

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