Give patients hope for better days. Oncology testing using therascreen solutions.

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Stay infomed about the latest in NSCLC biomarkers and targeted therapies! 

Delve into our educational infographic which visually describes lung cancer subtypes, biomarkers, diagnostic algorithms and targeted therapies, complete with a comprehensive set of references. Make the best possible treatment decisions for your patients by staying informed on current lung cancer biomarkers and therapies!
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For EGFR testing: Focus on what matters!

The therascreen EGFR RGQ PCR Kit detects more clinically relevant mutations so you can make better patient treatment decisions.
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Do more with less! Test EGFR from plasma.

Test and treat more patients with QIAGEN's therascreen EGFR Plasma RGQ PCR Kit.

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Circulating tumor DNA is suitable for EGFR mutation analysis in NSCLC patients! 

Using QIAGEN solutions, the ASSESS study (2) confirms ctDNA is feasible for patient EGFR testing! Now more NSCLC patients may be eligable for testing to receive more effective targeted therapies. QIAGEN has a broad selection of solutions for ctDNA and liquid biopsy, including those used in the ASSESS study. 
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Testing for KRAS in lung cancer patients?

QIAGEN's CE-IVD therascreen KRAS RGQ PCR Kit is clinically validated to detect KRAS mutations in lung cancer patients.  
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Lung cancer biomarker detection made easy!

QIAGEN is a leader in NGS solutions for oncology research, including a new lung DNA panel for use with our proprietary complete and integrated NGS workflow.

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The tools you need to ensure patients receive the best individualized care.

QIAGEN’s therascreen kits allow you to access relevant genomic information for each patient and use it to make the best treatment decisions possible.
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