Improve MPN diagnosis
with the new
ipsogen CALR RGQ PCR Kit

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Simplify MPN diagnostic testing.

Test patients for JAK2 V617F and CALR in a single real-time PCR workflow, from the same sample.
With our harmonized JAK2 V617F and CALR workflow, all you need is one instrument and one sample for multiple clinical results. 
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Now it's easier to follow the WHO guidelines for MPN diagnosis.

Offer a more accurate diagnosis to more patients, while complying with the new 2016 WHO guidelines (1). The ipsogen JAK2 V617F and CALR RGQ PCR Kits deliver clinically actionable results which comply with these guidelines.  
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What’s my prognosis?

When your patient is diagnosed with a myeloproliferative neoplasm, they will have a lot of questions, especially about the prognosis.

The prognosis depends not only on the patient's age and general health, but also on the MPN subtype, and therefore the mutation status. CALR and JAK2 V617F are important prognostic biomarkers (2) which can help you to assess your patient's future.

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Offer better patient care with ipsogen's optimized diagnostic capabilities  

QIAGEN's broad ipsogen oncohematology assay, platform and service portfolio provides solutions of unparalleded sensitivity, accuracy and optimization across multiple diagnostic biomarkers.


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Early and precise patient diagnosis and monitoring can help reduce the burden.

QIAGEN's premium ipsogen portfolio includes multiple solutions for highly sensitive and accurate leukemia biomarker detection. For you and your patients, that means reliable results you can both trust. For the economy, it means one step toward helping to reduce the financial burden of hematological discorders such as leukemia.
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Test with confidence. Test with ease. Test with ipsogen

Rely on ipsogen for best-in-class biomarker solutions, complete workflows which save time and costs, sensitive and precise assays, and robust and accurate testing for results you can trust.

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