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NeuMoDx | Automated PCR

NeuMoDx Assays


  • Completely automated workflow
  • Proprietary microfluidic cartridge, allowing you to run 12 reactions at once
  • Results in 40 to 80 minutes with up to 8 hours of walk-away time
  • Easy-to-use three-step operation for improved lab productivity and speed
  • Room-temperature-stable reagents and consumables eliminates the need for cold chain shipment and storage

NeuMoDx Molecular Systems are a family of scalable platforms that fully integrate the entire molecular diagnostic process from “sample to result.”

NeuMoDx 288 and NeuMoDx 96 Molecular Systems are fully automated, continuous random-access analyzers that utilize proprietary NeuDry reagent technology, which integrates magnetic particle affinity capture and real-time PCR chemistry in a multi-sample microfluidic cartridge.

The ability to load samples and testing consumables on the fly offers up to 8 hours of operator walkaway capability. Room-temperature stable reagents and consumables dramatically reduce waste resulting in unmatched flexibility. Liquid handling and transport is achieved through proven robotic technologies.

The proprietary and unitized microfluidic cartridge features autonomous lanes allowing for simultaneous processing of sample types and varying assays.

This unique integration of robotics with advanced microfluidics reduces operation to three simple steps providing industry leading usability. These capabilities dramatically improve lab productivity and the ability to provide clinicians with critical information in a timely manner.


NeuMoDx assays are performed with these three easy steps:

  1. Add universal reagents, consumables and buffers to carriers and place on the worktable.
  2. Add samples in any order for any assay into carriers and place on the worktable.
  3. Press “Load” to start the run.


The NeuMoDx Assays and reagents are available for the following:

  • Transplant-associated viruses
  • Blood-borne viruses
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Respiratory infections

Here you can download Instructions for Use (IFU) for your NeuMoDx Assay. Note that not all NeuMoDx Assays are available for your country. Product claims may differ from country to country based on regulations and approvals. Contact your country representative for further details.

NeuMoDx Assays for transplant-associated viruses, not available in the United States
Cat. no. Product name IFU
201400 NeuMoDx CMV Quant Test Strip PDF
800400 NeuMoDx CMV Calibrator Kit PDF
900401 NeuMoDx CMV External Controls PDF
201501 NeuMoDx EBV Quant Test Strip 2.0 PDF
800501 NeuMoDx EBV Calibrators PDF
900502 NeuMoDx EBV External Controls PDF
200700 NeuMoDx HAdV Quant Test Strip PDF
800801 NeuMoDx HAdV Calibrators Available soon
900801 NeuMoDx HAdV External Controls Available soon
201800 NeuMoDx BKV Quant Test Strip PDF
800600 NeuMoDx BKV Calibrator Kit PDF
900601 NeuMoDx BKV External Control Kit PDF
202500 NeuMoDx HHV-6 Quant Test Strip Available soon
801000 NeuMoDx HHV-6 Calibrators Available soon
901000 NeuMoDx HHV-6 External Controls Available soon
202400 NeuMoDx HSV-1/HSV-2 Quant Test Strip Available soon
800900 NeuMoDx HSV-1/HSV-2 Calibrators Available soon
900901 NeuMoDx HSV-1/HSV-2 External Controls Available soon

NeuMoDx Assays for sexual and reproductive health, not available in the United States
Cat. no. Product name IFU
200300 NeuMoDx CT/NG Test Strip PDF
200400 NeuMoDx GBS Test Strip PDF
201200 NeuMoDx TV/MG Test Strip PDF
617007 NeuMoDx HPV Test Strip Available soon
202609 NeuMoDx MPXV Test Strip (for Research Use Only) PDF

NeuMoDx Assays for blood-borne viruses, not available in the United States
Cat. no. Product name IFU
201300 NeuMoDx HBV Quant Test Strip PDF
800102 NeuMoDx HBV Calibrator Kit PDF
900102 NeuMoDx HBV External Controls PDF
300300 NeuMoDx HCV Quant Test Strip PDF
800202 NeuMoDx HCV Calibrators PDF
900202 NeuMoDx HCV External Controls PDF
300500 NeuMoDx HIV-1 Quant Test Strip PDF
800304 NeuMoDx HIV-1 Calibrators PDF
900301 NeuMoDx HIV-1 External Controls PDF

NeuMoDx Assays for respiratory infections
Cat. no. Product name IFU
300901 NeuMoDx FluA/FluB/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 Test Strip
(available outside United States under IVDD)
Available soon
901200 NeuMoDx FluA/FluB/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 External Controls
(available outside the United States under IVDD)
201902 NeuMoDx Strep A/C/G Vantage Test Strip (available outside
the United States under IVDD)
300900 NeuMoDx Flu A-B/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 Vantage Test Strip
(available outside the United States under IVDD)

NeuMoDx assays for self-developed assays
Cat. no.  Product name IFU 
 100400   NeuMoDx Probe/Primer Strip  PDF 
 210100  NeuMoDx LDT Master Mix, DNA  PDF 
 310100    NeuMoDx LDT Master Mix, RNA  PDF 

NeuMoDx accessories, reagents and consumables
Cat. no.  Product name IFU 
 100100    NeuMoDx Cartridge  IVDD IVDR
 100200    NeuMoDx Extraction Plate  IVDD IVDR
 400100    NeuMoDx Wash Reagent  IVDD IVDR
 400200    NeuMoDx Release Reagent  IVDD IVDR
 400400    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 1  IVDD IVDR
 400500    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 2  IVDD IVDR
 400600    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 3  IVDD IVDR
 400700    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 4  IVDD IVDR
 400900    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 5  IVDD IVDR
 401700    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 6  IVDD IVDR
 401600    NeuMoDx Viral Lysis Buffer  IVDD IVDR
 401500    NeuMoDx Vantage Viral Lysis Buffer  IVDD IVDR
 235903    Hamilton CO-RE/ CO-RE II Tips (300 µL) with Filters  Available soon
 235905    Hamilton CO-RE/ CO-RE II Tips (1000 µL) with Filters  Available soon
 600100    NeuMoDx Biohazard Waste Bag  IVDD IVDR
 601000    NeuMoDx Biohazard Tip Waste Bag  IVDR