Klaus Pantel
Cancer Research

Prof. Klaus Pantel

Director, Institute of Tumor Biology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

Klaus Pantel is a liquid biopsy pioneer and played a leading role in the international Cancer-ID consortium from 2015 to 2019. He is collaborating and researching on cancer micrometastasis, circulating tumor cells and circulating nucleic acids.

Cancer research is important to me because …

Each year almost 10 million people die of cancer worldwide, and to contribute translational cancer research with the potential to reduce this number is my strongest motivation.

The person who inspired me most in my career was …

My post-doc mentor Prof. Alexander Nakeff (Ph.D.) from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, USA.

If I were starting my career again …

I would do nothing different.

The happiest moment in my scientific career was …

When I received my second ERC Advanced Investigator Grant (May 2019) and I was highlighted in the journal “Die Zeit” as “Mensch des Monats.”

The most important publication in cancer research is …

My NEJM report (2005) on the clinical relevance of early tumor cell dissemination and cancer dormancy in breast cancer, which was recently classified as “citation classics.”

The most important research breakthrough is …

The development of the new diagnostic concept of “liquid biopsy” (i.e., detection and characterization of tumor cells and tumor cell products in blood or other body fluids).

“Each year almost 10 million people die of cancer worldwide and to contribute translational cancer research with the potential to reduce this number is my strongest motivation.”

Prof. Klaus Pantel

The most important advancement in cancer research that must happen in the next five years…

The implementation of “liquid biopsy” into clinical practice to obtain real-time information on tumor responses to therapy by blood analyses.

How societies should change over the next 10 years to help control and prevent cancer …

We should continue our efforts to reduce smoking and develop reliable tests to detect cancer at early, curable stages.

I would recommend to young scientists …

Select a research program that matches your interests and challenge paradigms. Research can become your most fascinating hobby!

I want to be remembered for …

Being an enthusiastic person who has stimulated young researchers to unravel the mysteries of cancer for the benefit of cancer patients.

Prof. Klaus Pantel
Klaus Pantel is Director of the new Institute of Tumor Biology, Full Professor (C4) of Medicine, University Hospital Eppendorf (UKE), University of Hamburg, Germany since 2002. He is also Professor of Medicine at the University of Bergen, Norway.  He gained his Dr. Med. habil. (associate professorship) at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in 1995 and Dr. med. at the University of Cologne, Germany in 1987.
Thank you!

On behalf of Prof. Klaus Pantel, QIAGEN has donated 500 euros to the DKMS (an organization that arranges stem cell donation in Germany and internationally) to support them in their fight against blood cancer.

For more information, or to register as a potential donor, visit www.dkms.org.

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