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Automated PCR

Meet the fully-automated powerhouse

Nowadays, every lab should be ready for full automation, faster turnaround times and scalability. If yours is not, then you need to ask why.

Our NeuMoDx system delivers continuous random-access. It allows on-demand testing and is scalable to your lab’s needs. It reduces waste and minimizes the risk of contamination. Don’t let your lab get behind. Read here what the NeuMoDx system can do for you.

Industry’s first true continuous random-access  

  • Fully-automated workflow
  • Get results in 60–80 minutes
  • Continuous loading of samples
  • Minimal waste and contamination
neumodx 98, neumodx 288 operating
“Three ways I would describe this system would be: ease of use, fast and reliable.”

Steve Young

Director of Research and Clinical Trials, TriCore Reference Laboratories, NM

Performance Specifications NeuMoDx 288
 NeuMoDx 96
Time to first results ~60 minutes (DNA) / ~80 minutes (RNA)  ~60 minutes (DNA) / ~80 minutes (RNA)
Tests/hour Up to 36/hour*  Up to 18/hour***
Maximum throughput Up to 288/8 hours** Up to 144/8 hours****
Walk-away time 8 hours 6 hours
Maximum number of tests per run  Continuous, random-access  Continuous, random-access
Sample capacity  288 initial load; Continuous, random-access thereafter  96 initial load; Continuous, random-access thereafter
Reagent capacity 480 initial load; Continuous, random-access thereafter 320 initial load; Continuous, random-access thereafter
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A single platform

“We are looking for a holy grail that permits us to consolidate all our platforms.”

Dr. Jean-Marc Senterre
Microbiology/Molecular Biology, CHR Citadelle Hospital, Belgium

True random access

"NeuMoDx gives us the chance to scale up with a fast turnaround time. It gives us random access and ease-of-use, and with this, we can run our lab more efficiently."

Sanela Svrako-Latifovic
Molecular Biologist, Tergooi Hospital, Netherlands

For up-to-date licensing information and product-specific disclaimers, see the respective QIAGEN/NeuMoDx kit handbook or user operator manual. QIAGEN handbooks and user manuals are available at or can be requested from QIAGEN Technical Services (or your local distributor) or