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QIAvac Multiwell

Cat. No. / ID: 9014579

Vacuum manifold for processing 96-well purification plates of SBS standard

Product Details

The QIAvac Multiwell is designed for efficient processing of 96-well purification plates of Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standard, which includes the plates contained in the DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit and the MinElute 96 UF PCR Purification Kit. The 96-well purification plate fits precisely into the QIAvac Multiwell top. Samples and buffers are efficiently drawn by vacuum pressure through the purification plate membrane into the collection vessel or waste tray in the QIAvac Multiwell base. The use of the QIAvac Multiwell enables parallel sample processing and reduces sample handling. Internal components are easily cleaned by simply separating top plate and base.
For optimal results it is recommended that the QIAvac Multiwell is used together with the QIAvac Connecting system and a Vacuum Pump


Kit Handbooks (1)
For use with DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit and MinElute 96 UF PCR Purification Kit  


What are Elution Microtube adapters and Microplate adapters used in the DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit, and how can I order them?

The Elution Microtube adapter of the DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit is an adapter needed to securely hold a rack of Elution Microtubes RS in the QIAvac Multiwell vacuum manifold. You can order the Elution Microtube adapter using part number 9236778.

The Microplate adapter is required to secure 96-well microplates in the QIAvac Multiwell vacuum manifold. The Microplate adapter can be ordered using part number 9236850.



FAQ ID -646
Can the QIAvac 96 vacuum manifold be used with DirectPrep 96 plates?

No. The DirectPrep 96 plate of the DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit cannot be securely positioned in the QIAvac 96 vacuum manifold, and the nozzles may not fit into the correct wells below. Furthermore, adapters are needed to position Elution Microtubes or Microplates in the correct height for elution. If the distance of the "receiving" plate to the nozzles is not optimal, splashing and thus cross contamination can occur. Due to these difficulties with fitting, tightness and potential cross contamination, we do not recommend using the QIAvac 96 with the DirectPrep 96 System.

We recommend to use the QIAvac Mulitwell vacuum manifold in combination with the DirectPrep 96 Miniprep Kit.

FAQ ID -722