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Qproteome Mannose Glycoprotein Kit

  • 利用凝集素和糖基特异结合的特性对富含甘露糖的糖蛋白进行有效富集
  • 可分析不同条件或不同疾病状态下的细胞中的糖蛋白
  • 选择凝集素柱子精确分析糖蛋白
The Qproteome Mannose Glycoprotein Kit contains three different lectin-resin-filled spin columns, buffers, and reagents for the isolation of glycoproteins with mannose-rich glycan moieties from cell lysate or serum samples.
Cat No./ID: 37551
Qproteome Mannose Glycoprotein Kit
For 6 mannose glycoprotein preps: ConA, GNA, and LCH Lectin Spin Columns (2 each); Buffers; Detergent Solution; Protease Inhibitor Solution; Collection Tubes (6 x 2 ml)

Qproteome Mannose Glycoprotein Kit适用于分子生物学应用。该产品不适用于疾病的诊断、预防或治疗。

使用糖蛋白分离试剂盒中的不同外源凝集素离心柱分离血清中的糖蛋白,进行SDS-PAGE分析,后进行银染。[A]对Total Glycoprotein Kit中的Total Lectin Spin Columns进行洗脱步骤1–3和4–6。[B]从Mannose Glycoprotein Kit的ConA, GNA和LCH Spin Columns洗脱的糖蛋白。[C]从Sialic Glycoprotein Kit中的WGA, SNA和MAL Spin Columns洗脱的糖蛋白。[D]从O-Glycan Glycoprotein Kit中的AIL和PNA Spin Columns洗脱的糖蛋白。
The Qproteome Mannose Glycoprotein Kit enables highly specific enrichment of glycoproteins with mannose-rich glycan moieties (see figure Highly specific glycoprotein fractionation). Glycoprotein profiling of cells grown under different conditions or in different disease states can be carried out reliably. The selection of lectin columns allow precise glycoprotein characterization.

Proteins with mannose-rich glycan moieties bind to lectins immobilized on the resin in the spin columns. After washing, proteins are eluted by addition of an elution buffer containing sugars which compete for lectin binding sites with the bound proteins.
The sample is diluted and applied to the spin column (see figure Glycoprotein fractionation procedure). After a short incubation, proteins that have not bound to the lectin are removed by centrifugation. Bound proteins are eluted by application of elution buffer and centrifugation.
Glycosylation plays a vital role in a wide range of cellular processes such as cell adhesion and signaling, stabilization of protein structure and function, protein trafficking and sorting, and oncogenesis. Several diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy) may be caused by a defect in protein glycosylation. Qproteome Glycoprotein Fractionation Kits offer highly specific separation of glycoproteins according to the structure of their glycan moieties, and permit profiling of glycoproteins in cells grown under different conditions.
应用 SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
结合能力/产量 30–150 µg
糖蛋白:哪种类型糖蛋白 Glycoproteins with mannose-rich glycan moieties
分离组分 One fraction
翻译后修饰蛋白 Glycosylation
样本大小 50 µl or 1 x 10e7 cells
物种 n.d
起始材料 Serum, cell cultures