Qproteome Total Glycoprotein Kit


  • 高度特异性的分离糖蛋白
  • 分析糖基化蛋白谱
  • 不同的凝集素离心柱用于全面的的糖基化蛋白定性

Qproteome Total Glycoprotein Kit含有凝集素-树脂填充的离心柱、缓冲液和糖蛋白分离试剂,适用于从细胞裂解液或血清样本中分离糖蛋白。


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Qproteome Total Glycoprotein Kit
For 6 total glycoprotein preps: Buffers, Lectin Spin Columns (6), Detergent Solution, Protease Inhibitor Solution, Collection Tubes (6 x 2 ml)
The Qproteome Total Glycoprotein Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Glycoprotein fractionation procedure.|Highly specific glycoprotein fractionation.|
|Glycoproteins were fractionated from serum using the different lectin spin columns in glycoprotein fractionation kits and analyzed by SDS-PAGE followed by silver staining. [A] Elution steps 1–3 and 4–6 from Total Lectin Spin Columns in the Total Glycoprotein Kit. [B] Eluted glycoproteins from ConA, GNA, and LCH Spin Columns in the Mannose Glycoprotein Kit. [C] Eluted glycoproteins from WGA, SNA, and MAL Spin Columns in the Sialic Glycoprotein Kit. [D] Eluted glycoproteins from AIL and PNA Spin Columns in the O-Glycan Glycoprotein Kit.|
Qproteome Glycoprotein Kit可根据糖基结构高度特异性地分离糖蛋白(参见"Highly specific glycoprotein fractionation")。


样本被稀释并加入到离心柱中(参见"Glycoprotein fractionation procedure")。短暂孵育后,非糖基化蛋白被离心去除。糖基化蛋白通过加入洗脱缓冲液和离心被洗脱下来。

糖基化在广泛的细胞进程中发挥重要作用,如细胞黏附和信号转导、蛋白结构和功能的稳定、蛋白运输和分选以及肿瘤发生。某些疾病(如类风湿性关节炎和肌肉萎缩症)可能是蛋白糖基化缺陷造成的。Glycoprotein Fractionation Kit可根据糖基结构高度特异性的分离糖蛋白,可分析不同条件下细胞生长的糖蛋白谱。纯化的糖蛋白可通过印记流程、2D-PAGE或质谱方法直接进行分析。

Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
Binding capacity/yield 30–150 µg
For glycoproteins: which type of glycoproteins Glycoproteins with different structures of their glycan moieties
Fractions isolated One fraction
Protein with post-translational modification Glycosylation
Sample size 50 µl or 1 x 10e7 cells
Start material Serum, cell cultures

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