Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System

用于进行Hybrid Capture 2检测的仪器

  • 检测RNA–DNA杂交
  • 准确并灵活
  • 用于DNA的常规检测,有助于疾病感染的诊断

Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System可将Hybrid Capture 2检测的一些手工操作步骤自动化进行。该体系由Rotary Shaker I、Microplate Heater I、DML仪器、Automated Plate Washer、Multi-Specimen Tube (MST) Vortexer 2和预装有Hybrid Capture Software的用户配置电脑组成。咨询客户服务可了解更多关于用户配置电脑的信息。

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LumiCheck Plate User Package

Plate and software for use with the DML 2000 or DML 3000

Microplate Heater I
96-well microplate heater, 240 V
Rotary Shaker I
Rotary Shaker, 240 V
Automated Plate Washer
96-well automated plate washer, 240 V
MST Vortexer 2
Multi-Specimen tube vortex, 240 V

Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System应与专用的QIAGEN Kits配合使用, 适用于试剂盒使用手册中指定的应用。

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Microplate Heater I.|Rotary Shaker I.|Automated Plate Washer.|Luminometer.|
The Microplate Heater I is an electronically controlled heating unit that is designed to accept 96-well microplates when used with digene HC2 DNA Tests. The dual heating elements and heat capacity of the block have an integrated heater temperature controller that simultaneously turns each of the heaters on and off to maintain the desired temperature. The heater temperature controller has an electronic display readout, for ease of use.||The Automated Plate Washer is a self-contained microplate washer, with a positive-displacement pump that assures accurate, consistent plate washing. To maintain reliability, the unit performs a maintenance rinse if not used after 8 hours, to keep the Wash Buffer from drying out and clogging.|The Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System includes a luminometer for amplified chemiluminescent signal detection and result reporting. The luminometer is highly sensitive, with a broad dynamic range, low background photon counting PMT, and spectral sensitivity range of 350 nm to 650 nm. Either the DML 3000 or the DML 2000 are provided with the Hybrid Capture Modular 2 System, depending on country regulations.|
Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System用于Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2)技术,如digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test、digene HC2 CT-ID DNA Test和digene HC2 GC-ID DNA Test。该体系可处理Specimen Transport Medium (STM)收集的样本,STM是digene Cervical Sampler的一部分。根据国家规章,Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System还可配合其他digene检测和样本类型使用。

Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2)运用信号放大、化学发光技术,检测RNA–DNA杂交体。Hybrid Capture 2具备DNA常规检测的准确性和灵敏度,有助于传染性疾病的诊断。Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System包含自动化孔板洗涤器、光度计、微孔板加热器、摇床和漩涡振荡器,自动化Hybrid Capture 2分析实验的手工操作步骤。


Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System能将以下Hybrid Capture 2分析实验的手工操作步骤自动化:


Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System提供手工操作HC2分析实验的解决方案。Multi-Specimen Tube (MST) Vortexer 2使用digene Specimen Rack、Conversion Rack或Multi-Specimen Tube Rack,专门用于涡旋震荡Hybrid Capture Specimen Collection Tubes。Microplate Heater I(参见"Microplate Heater I")用于孵育Hybridization Microplate中的样本。Hybrid Capture时,孔板可在Rotary Shaker I里震动(参见"Rotary Shaker I")。Hybrid Capture后,可使用Automated Plate Washer(参见"Automated Plate Washer")清洗捕获孔板。

使用DML仪器(参见"Luminometer")配套digene Hybrid Capture System Version 2 (DHCS v.2) Software检测扩增的化学发光信号及报告结果。

Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System仅限与说明书中标明能和Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System配套使用的QIAGEN试剂盒配合使用。


使用Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System可进行一系列digene HC2 DNA Tests,用于检测病原体。配合Hybrid Capture检测试剂盒,Hybrid Capture 2 Modular System可检测:

HC2 System Software使用用户友好的界面,报告定量分析的结果。软件支持用户报告模式,根据孔板或样品分类,有总结和详细的分析。该软件由digene Hybrid Capture 2 System Software CD发展而来,digene Hybrid Capture 2 System Software CD包括软件、digene Hybrid Capture 2 System Assay Protocols和孔板发光检测仪的软件。

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