Attractene Transfection Reagent


  • 高效DNA转染,极低细胞毒性
  • 快速、简便的操作流程
  • 贴壁细胞和敏感细胞的理想选择
  • 非常适合于共转染和基于载体的RNAi
  • 无动物源成分

Attractene Transfection Reagent采用新一代脂质技术,可确保高效的真核细胞DNA转染。Attractene Reagent是一种非脂质体的脂类转染试剂,可转染几乎所有的贴壁细胞,包括难转染细胞,如HaCat、MonoMac6、HCT116和某些悬浮细胞(JurKat、K562)。它也高度适用于DNA和siRNA或miRNA模拟物/抑制剂的共转染。

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Attractene Transfection Reagent (1 ml)
Attractene Transfection Reagent for up to 660 transfections in 24-well plates
Attractene Transfection Reagent (4 x 1 ml)
Attractene Transfection Reagent for up to 2640 transfections in 24-well plates
The Attractene Transfection Reagent is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Attractene Reagent outperforms alternative reagents.|Healthy cells after transfection using Attractene Reagent.|Flexible, rapid Fast-Forward Protocols.|Effective knockdown after shRNA vector transfection.|
DNA (pGFP which expresses green fluorescent protein) was transfected into the cell types indicated using Attractene Reagent according to the conditions recommended in the handbook. Transfection was also performed with [A] Reagent F using 2 reagent volumes recommended by the manufacturer or [B] Reagent L according to the manufacturer's recommendations, with and without the enhancer provided. Transfection efficiency was estimated by counting the number of fluorescent cells by FACS analysis. Transfection efficiency is expressed relative to efficiency using Attractene Reagent which was set at 100%.|HepG2 cells were transfected with DNA (pGFP) using Attractene Transfection Reagent or Reagent L from another supplier according to the manufacturer's instructions. FACS analysis confirmed equal numbers of transfected cells in both cultures. Two days after transfection, cells were examined by light microscopy. [A] Cells transfected using Attractene Reagent were healthy and viable. [B] In contrast, cells transfected using Reagent L displayed high levels of cell death. [C] Cell viability was measured using a CellTiter-Blue assay (Promega). Viability was significantly lower in cells transfected using Reagent L compared to cells transfected using Attractene Reagent (set at 100%).|Traditionally, cells are seeded the day before transfection. Using the Fast-Forward Protocol, seeding and transfection take place on the same day. This saves time and effort.|HEK293 cells were [A] transfected with a plasmid expressing green fluorescent protein (pGFP) only, or  [B] cotransfected with pGFP and a plasmid expressing an shRNA targeted against the green fluorescent protein gene (pGFP + pshGFP), or [C] cotransfected with pGFP and a negative control plasmid expressing a scrambled shRNA (pGFP + pNegative). After cotransfection of pGFP and the shRNA vector pshGFP, the green fluorescent protein was effectively silenced indicating effective cotransfection.|

根据操作手册中推荐的条件操作,在不进行优化的情况下,Attractene Reagent与其他转染试剂相比具有更高的转染效率(参见"Attractene Reagent outperforms alternative reagents")。为确保结果是由核酸转染引起而不是转染过程的干扰,必须将细胞毒性降至最低。使用Attractene Reagent可确保极低的细胞毒性(参见"Healthy cells after transfection using Attractene Reagent")。在基因沉默实验中使用Attractene Reagent,可确保shRNA (短发夹RNA)载体的高效转染(参见"Effective knockdown after shRNA vector transfection")。


Attractene Reagent是一种非脂质体的脂类转染试剂,可转染所有的贴壁细胞,包括难转染细胞,如HaCat、MonoMac6和HCT116。Attractene Reagent在多种实验条件下都可确保高效转染,因此可灵活的应用于多种实验,如使用自动化平台的实验或高、低通量的转染实验。该产品也高度适用于DNA和siRNA或miRNA模拟物/抑制剂的共转染。使用Attractene Reagent可确保极低的细胞毒性,这对于转染实验成功与否至关重要。


Attractene Transfection Reagent非常适合于DNA快速转染。在快速实验方案中,一天内可完成细胞的种植和转染(参见"Flexible, rapid  Fast-Forward Protocols")。与在转染前一天种细胞的方法相比,该步骤更快,在节约劳动力的同时提高了实验的灵活性。

TransFect Protocol Database中细胞类型特异性的实验方案

除了Attractene Transfection Reagent操作手册中的实验方案,您可以在TransFect Protocol Database中寻找适合于您细胞类型的实验方案。应用数据库不必调整已有的的实验方案以满足您的需求,它可正确提供您所需要的操作步骤,节约时间和精力。只需输入细胞类型、核酸和孔板规格,您就可以获得QIAGEN提供的PDF格式的转染实验方案,可以打印或下载。TransFect Protocol Database可免费使用,无需注册。


Attractene Transfection Reagent可用于多种转染应用,包括瞬时转染或稳定转染,或多种DNA组分共转染、DNA和siRNA或miRNA模拟物或抑制剂共转染。Attractene Transfection Reagent可用于:

  • 功能基因组学
  • 高通量DNA转染
  • 基因沉默
Applications Plasmid transfection, shRNA vector transfection, protein overexpression, reporter studies, RNAi experiments
Cell type All cell types including sensitive and difficult to transfect cells
Controls Not included
Features Highly efficient transfection with lowest toxicity. Rapid fast forward transfection protocol. Free of animal-derived components. Transfection in the presence of serum.
Nucleic acid DNA
Number of possible transfections up to 660 transfections in 24-well plates / 1 ml reagent
Technology Cationic lipid based transfection reagent
Transfection type Transient transfection, stable transfection, plasmid co-transfection

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